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       Custom Carpentry is a locally owned remodeling business, serving Northern Virginia for over 10 years.
       We put our hearts into helping our resident neighbors achieve their remodeling dreams, both affordably, and efficiently. Our meticulous work ethic mirrors our finished product in every project we complete.
       There is no job too large or too small, and we enjoy working WITH our clients to ensure the upmost satisfaction on every project we take on together. It is our job, and our delight to service your needs, and to help create the most beautiful living spaces in your biggest investment.
       We use the latest technology, and are constantly educating ourselves on the most effective ways to upgrade your home, without breaking the bank. At Custom Carpenty, we are residents of the area ourselves, and are fully aware of the costs affiliated with home ownership in this area. We are also specialists in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) construction, helping to ensure families the safety of their loved ones. We pride ourselves on working with homeowners to budget and plan accordingly, so that you can have a finished product to feel good about.

Meet Us!


                Daniel Mustone is the heart and soul of Custom Cabinetry--founder, owner, leader and mentor. Daniel’s knack and passion for craftsmanship, creativity and simply working with his hands were evident at an early age. Friends and family began asking for his assistance with their home repairs and construction; there was little doubt regarding what Daniel would do for a living.  

               Daniel grew up in Springfield, VA and attended Fairfax County schools. After a brief stint in commercial construction on the west coast, he returned to Northern Virginia to pursue a career in residential remodeling and home repair. Daniel’s friends and colleagues in the trade soon encouraged and helped him to strike out on his own. The rest is history, so to speak. Dan has been proudly serving the D.C. metropolitan area for more than a decade, first as a sole proprietor and now as owner of Custom Carpentry, the culmination of his efforts, experience and vision.

                While Daniel’s reputation for meticulous, precise work has been a major factor in the growth of his business, his relationships with customers and colleagues have been just as important.  He endeavors to work for the customer and with the customer, an approach that has won him much repeat business, as well as some lasting friendships.

                  In his limited free time (you’ll find him working most Saturdays), Dan enjoys walks with his European German Shepherd/Poodle/Australian Shepherd/Husky (we know) dog, Ryo, touring back roads and trails on his Harley Davidson, spending time with his friends, and sipping the occasional cold (and fancy) beer. 



                As Custom Carpentry’s resident cross-fit devotee, Brian Peeler does not shy away from heavy lifting.  Like Daniel, Brian was raised in Springfield, VA and is a product of the Fairfax County school system. From a very young age, Brian has been involved in sports, the outdoors (he’s an Eagle Scout), and all things active.  Following high school, Brian attended the Virginia Military Institute, where he played lacrosse and earned a degree in business.  He subsequently joined the Army and served our country proudly for about 3 years until he was honorably discharged following a nearly fatal car accident. 

                After a lengthy recovery, Brian and his wife Christine lived in Alaska for six years, where he served as a safety instructor for oil company employees. Brian and Christine returned to Virginia about a year ago, and Daniel soon hired Brian to “beef up” Custom Carpentry’s capacity. Despite his brawn and considerable beard, Brian has proved just as adept at details and touch-up as he is with the physical aspects of the work.

                Brian and Christine recently purchased a home in Front Royal, VA, where they are settling in with their two cocker spaniels, Maeby and Coleman.  Brian has many interests and hobbies, including hockey, trucks, and (most of all) his beloved El Camino.  When he’s not working, you’ll find him under the hood of a car or truck, hiking a trail with his pups, or combing his beard (we said it was considerable). 


          Well, when it all comes down to it, Ryo, the European German Shepherd/Poodle/Australian Shepherd/Husky mix is the real boss here at Custom Carpentry.  We call him many things (he was nicknamed Log Dog after Daniel took this photo), but his owner, Dan and the crew love having him with us when we can.   He is incredibly well behaved, GREAT with kids, other dogs and adults alike.  More times than we can count, our customers ask Daniel "is Ryo coming?" in hopes that they'll get to hang out with him.  We hope that someday you'll meet him as well!

         In his "free" time, you can find Ryo chasing down his tennis balls, lounging around in his yard, and letting you know it's dinner time.

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