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                  ADA Division

(Americans with Disabilities Act)

Welcome to our ADA Division!  We are extremely proud to be certified contractors for our disabled and limited mobility customers. 

As people age, sometimes their homes become more difficult to navigate and simply operate in, both comfortably and safely.   For years now, Custom Carpentry has been assisting families overcome the endeavor of creating a safer and more comfortable living experience for individuals with mobile disabilities and conditions. 

Whether it be a simple ramp to make entering and exiting entrances/exits safer, a chair rail system for those who can no longer climb and descent stairways, or a full kitchen or bathroom remodel that accommodates to each customers specific needs, Custom Carpentry is both certified and accomplished in those areas.  

We understand that the number one priority for families that have relatives or friends with these obstacles is safety.  Therefore, that is our lead goal for you as well.  Not only can we help relieve the stress of these situations with strong, durable, and secure construction, but we can do it in a beautiful way that keeps the customer feeling "at home."

Here are a few examples of what we are capable of.  Take a look!

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