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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Custom Carpentry licensed and insured?

Of course!  We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Virginia.

How long have you been in business?

Over ten years now, and loving every second of it.

Does your work come with a warranty?

Absolutely it does.  We will include the warranty on any work order.

*Imporant* All work completed by a contractor in the state of Virginia is REQUIRED to issue at least a ONE YEAR warranty.

Are your estimates and consultations free?

Indeed they are.  However, please don't ask us how to build a deck with the purpose of doing it yourself.  We value helping all of our potential clients, and would love to meet in person to discuss your ideas!

Do you require a deposit before a start work date?

We do, but we won't ask for half of the total cost like most companies will.

What are your working hours? Do you work weekends?

Typically we arrive on job sites around 10 am, so that we have time to gather any necessary material BEFORE we start work, rather than having to run off and get them during our time at your residence/business. 

If you request different working hours, we will gladly work with what's most convenient for you.

We work weekends if need be, but it is on a job to job basis.

Will the owner and supervisor be present on job sites daily?

Yes.  We pride ourselves on punctuality, precision, and commitment to you.  To best ensure your satisfaction, we will have either the owner or a supervisor visit your site daily.

Will Custom Carpentry pull necessary permits for certain projects?

Of course.  The homeowner can do this as well, but we have no problem guiding you through the process.

Permits are important, and are often needed to ensure the legality of work being done.  Projects completed without permits can prove to be extremely costly in the future.

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